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Our cue on Cue to Cue

CLICK HERE to listen!

Trevor Copp got a chance to sit with Chelsea Johnson & Cue to Cue for this podcast episode.

Here's their summary of the chat:

What inspires you as an artist? How do you continuously improve your creativity?

This week, Theatre Maker, Trevor Copp encourages us to constantly aim to develop our creative ideas over many years. Trevor shares his own journey on how his pursuit of story telling, creativity and exploring new ideas is always evolving throughout his career and lead one of his most recent explorations has lead to to his new collaboration in turning one of his mime pieces into feature film!

At the end of the day, don’t be afraid to ask yourself “And now what?” Be willing to let your projects and ideas evolve.

Desire, passion, curiosity, and work ethic are more important than talent any time.

In this episode:

  • There are parts of the mind that do not distinguish between real and imagined events.

  • Confidence is being willing to hold your hand all the time.

  • The wonderful gift of being untalented is being able to constantly reinvent and rediscover your creativity.

  • For a creator, there is no poverty, space, and opportunity that creativity doesn’t have a way to get into it.


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