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Shakespeare at the Castle

Since 2016, Tottering Biped Theatre has presented our original takes on Shakespeare in the Hamilton area. Our team gathers each August to present the contemporary issues we care about with flair to the words of the immortal Bard.

Tickets are Pay-What-You-Can, in a fully accessible space with lots of parking and space to come early with picnics! Explore the drop down menu to see the different productions we've staged since 2016.   

The outline of an eye is filled in with images such as waves, a large leaf, and a ship while the words "Tottering Biped Theatre" appear across the top and "The Tempest" are shown beneath.
The colourful silhouette of a woman lying on her side with water underneath her has the words "A Midsummer Night's Dream" superimposed over her.
The silhouette of a gold ship rides a blue and grey wave with the words "Merchant of Venice" next to it.
The red outline of a dagger with concentric circles emanating from its point and the words "Macbeth: Conspiracy Theory" above it, the address of the show, and a list of their sponsors.
A background of black bricks with the words "Shakespeare's Twelfth Night: To be seen or not to be seen" in the style of a neon sign over it.
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