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Physical Illusions

Physical Illusions.jpeg

Created by Trevor Copp,

Richard Beaune, & Robin Patterson


Number of Actors: 1

Language: English, French, appropriate for ASL

Length: 1 hour





‘Physical Illusions’ takes audiences through a series of short stories related through the traditional French storytelling technique  of Mime. A snorkeling adventure, a search for a special something gone missing, a dreamer fascinated by the stars, and a midnight snack gone wrong are all told completely without words.

As TBT's most popular work, this piece has performed (in English and French) for over 20,000 students and counting. The performances draw from some of Canada's most celebrated Mimes as well as original work, and leaves audiences of all ages with a deep appreciation for the seldom performed art of Mime. 


“A master of contemporary theatre….there is a sensitivity to the performance, an indefinable sense of risk taking that signals the true artist.”

                                                                 - Gary Smith, The Hamilton Spectator


“...inspirational cross-training for the soul… there is a deep seated need for this kind of physical art that people don’t even realize they have anymore. In the age of Netflix and downloads, return to the campfires of our primitive ancestors and feel how theatre first stirred our souls. And as a bonus, feel the incomparable magic of

the man in the box bit done by someone who studied at the Marcel Marceau School in Paris and clearly knows what he’s doing.”

                                                                                      - Diane Lachapelle, Apt. 613 Blog

“He moves with beautiful fluency…simply too creative for words. Highly skilled….a fresh fusion between acting and modern dance.”

                                                        - View magazine


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