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Shakespeare at the Rock 2016: 

Midsummer Nights: A Dream

The colourful silhouette of a woman sleeping on her side with water under her and the words "A Midsummer Night's Dream" superimposed over her.

Shakespeare’s most famous comedy, fast asleep. Spurred on by their amorous and ambitious dreams, aspiring actors, lovers, and fairies meet in the woods of their sleeping minds in this highly physical adaptation of the classic play. 

TBT is engineering a massive collision: English theatre's greatest playwright, the stunning new Rock Gardens of the RBG, and this area's best up and coming talent.

Shakespeare and TBT?

This will be unlike any Shakespeare you've seen before. This Aug 10-21 at the RBG's Rock Gardens we're staging our take on A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Talent? Who's got Talent?

This cast does. We've noticed the difficulty emerging artists have here in getting off the ground - and we lose artistic talent to Toronto/further cities every year as a result.

So in casting this piece, we reached out to this area's post secondary theatre programs to offer senior students/recent graduates paid theatre work. We're teaching the next generation that being an artist doesn't have to mean moving away. 

A large crowd seated in front of an outdoor stage surrounded by trees and the golden light of the setting sun.
Two performers wrapped in shimmering cloth embrace while standing in the middle of a colourful garden.
A group of people smile at the camera while holding a banner advertising their show, "A Midsummer Night's Dream".
A performer in a blue cape carries another in a pink cape and white pants while a third in a blue cape looks on and a fourth in a green cape blocks her face with her hand.
One performer presses his hand against the cheek of another and kisses his own hand while a third tries to seperate them and a fourth looks on with a worried expression.
Three performers stand together on the grass reading from a red binder.
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