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A pair of well-worn dance shoes lies on the ground with the words "First Dance" superimposed overtop of them.

Created by Trevor Copp,

Jeff Fox and Lisa O'Connell


Number of Actors: 2

Total on Tour: 3

Language: English

Length: 1:10









A same sex ballroom dance/theatre piece about the creation of the First Dance





for a gay wedding.  










As a gay man tries to devise a traditional First Dance for his upcoming wedding, a chance encounter leads to far more questions than answers. Through Ballroom dance and Theatre, First Dance explores the challenge of creating a dance for a ritual that has no history and the dangers of letting one role define us.


The show that launched the 800,000 view TED talk!

As Tottering Biped's first original production, First Dance has toured to Hamilton’s Theatre Aquarius, London’s Grand Theatre, the International IMPACT Theatre festival, and had its international premier in Tirana, Albania.



      "A deeply felt production that holds you in tangled emotions, heartfelt passion and exquisite connections with first love, first sex and first understanding of who you are. If you want to know what it feels to live inside a heartbeat, surrender to the dance, passion and final exultation of this touching piece of theatre."


         Gary Smith, Theatre and Dance Critic, The Hamilton Spectator


     "The audience floats from nostalgic to the deepest level of hardship in the deepest kind of bond. In the end...the most important message isn't about the politics of the gay identity. It is about love."

                                                     - T.M. Chartrand, Urbanely Urbane


    " the marvel to marvelous...repeated scores of thrilling moments, arousing last night's audience to emotional gasps and joyous bursts of explosive laughter."


                                                              - Tom Mackan, View Magazine


   "Moving from this intimate moment to scenes set in salsa clubs, small-town backyards, to Algonquin lakes and 1908s-era World Wrestling Federation matches, this funny, poignant play is far from typical stock fare."


                                                            - Leah Sandals, Kitchener Post

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