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The Tempest 

Tottering Biped Theatre returned this summer to the grounds of Dundurn Castle (610 York Boulevard) to present 'The Tempest' for our 'Shakespeare by Nature' series.

This year we present a new spin on William Shakespeare’s final play The Tempest. An epic tale that involves shipwrecks, magic, betrayal, music, colonialism, revenge and family. Bring a blanket or lawn chair and join the iconic characters of Prospero, Miranda, Ariel, Caliban, Ferdinand and more on the back lawn of the Castle for an unforgettable theatrical experience.


The Tempest is believed to be Shakespeare’s last and most personal play, his farewell to the theatre when he left London. The power of his message is ageless and, even for a young production like ours, the themes of displacement, the desire for a better world and the strength of family resonate vividly. The love of power vanquished by the power of love inspire our own hopes for the future.

Cast and Crew: 

Director- Diana Belshaw *The participation of Diana Belshaw is arranged by permission of Canadian Actor's Equity Association.
Movement Coordinator- Trevor Copp
Assistant Director- Thea van Loon 
SM team- Ava Robitaille and Alyssa Campbell
Performers- Radha Menon, Mimi Han, Caitlin Collingwood, Rebecca Durance Hine, Jacobe Rutigliano, Michael Rode, Zubin Vincent, Zach Parsons and Alma Sarai 

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