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A person in a grey dress is surrounded by a brilliant blue halo and kneels on the ground with one hand outstretched towards the camera and one hand in their lap holding a light. The words "The Second Life" appear along the top and "Tottering Biped Theatre" are across the bottom.

a virtual/reality light painting on physics themes following the search for a woman lost online.

The online virtual world of Second Life stretches thousands of kilometers and millions of visitors. While searching for her lost sister, Jessica struggles to find out what – and who – are real. Life and its double are at stake in this multi-media exploration of loss in the digital age.


The Second Life was developed over 4 years after winning honours at Ontario's professional playwright development centre, Pat the Dog. After a sold out run at Hamilton's Theatre Aquarius and Kitchener's IMPACT '15 Festivals, The Second Life performed at Burlington's Performing Arts Centre, St. Catherine's In the Soil Festival, and the Stratford Springworks Festival. 


A person surrounded by smoke lit up in brilliant reds and yellows holds up a cigarette and looks into the camera.

Created by Trevor Copp


Number of Actors: 3

Total on Tour: 5

Language: English

Length: 1:05





“If you are interested in the new face of theater, The Second Life is a must see drama that explores a dark and disturbing world of cyberspace. A tense, provocative evening of theatre, Trevor Copp’s drama is a lethal, riveting look at a world rocking on the edge of frightening discoveries that will threaten your sleep at night.” 


                                                                   - Gary Smith, The Hamilton Spectator

 “an evening of ethereal, otherworldly provocation…I felt myself somehow suspended in time and space…[Copp’s] endeavours promise to be the wave of theatre future.”


                                                               - Tamara Kamermans, View Magazine

A person in black stands in front of a black background while the words "hey all sorry for the mass, I need your" are projected across them (additional words are blocked and not visible).
A person in a black dress stands in front of an image of another person with their arms stretched out to the sides.
A person in a grey dress with a brilliant blue halo in front of them kneels on the ground with one hand outstretched towards the halo and one hand in their lap holding a light.
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