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Hello? Is it me you're looking for?

Tottering Biped Theatre is evolving. I always say that, but I mean it even more today than usual. We are kicking off bigger projects in a city that’s starting to change its tune and march our way. So far local corporations like DEC Express – our season sponsors – and our longtime sponsors Millcroft Financial have made our work possible. We’re looking for more corporate and individual partners to pick up the phone with us and say: ‘Yes. It’s you I’m looking for!’

Our city doesn’t have a long history of arts support; we are pioneers in our work here. We are making this into a place where things happen, not just a place to sleep in between things happening elsewhere. We are looking for some forward looking individuals and companies into helping this become more creative and compassionate community it can be. Maybe it’s you. Maybe it’s a family member or friend you could point out to me.

I’ll pick up the phone, grab a coffee, chat. You’ll have me at…‘Hello?’

Trevor Copp

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