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Journey to the East

A person in a gas mask surrounded by mist plays the violin while the eyes of the gas mask glow bright green. The words "Journey to the East" are across the top and "Tottering Biped Theatre" appear along the bottom.

Journey to the East follows a WWI refugee fleeing the trenches of France. Loosely based on Hermann Hesse's novella, it is a meditation on the spiritual aftermath of war.

Joining the streams of refugees from the War, Herman is haunted by a fellow refugee who resembles a lost soldier from the front. As their journey takes on increasingly fantastical elements, Herman's memory cannot reconcile with the spiritual voyage playing out in front of him.

Created by Trevor Copp with the contributions of workshop creators.

Original music by Zach Parsons.

Journey to the East - Zach Parsons
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A brilliant orange stone that contains clouds of darker orange and bright yellow sits on a piece of dark grey slate, gleaming in the sunlight. The words "Journey to the East" and "Tottering Biped Theatre" appear along the bottom.
A man in green army fatigues lies on the ground in semi darkness while another man in similar green pants and a white shirt stands over him holding a bright light.
A white rope stretches across the image from top to bottom while a man in green army pants and a white top kneels on the ground with a old-style lamp or lantern, drawing symbols around the rope that form a spiral.
A person in army fatigues and an old-style helmet holds a rifle and sits on the ground in semi darkness with his back to the camera while a spotlight shines on him from above.
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