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The TBT Presenting Series

TBT is proud to announce a season of powerful theatre drawn from the incredible talent of Hamilton and surrounding area. Our aim is to provide a new platform for the incredible work emerging from Hamilton’s Indy Theatre scene while bringing in quality professional work that would not be seen in Hamilton.


October opens the series with Roseneath Theatre’s No Big Deal. This world premiere is by local playwright Michael Kras – Voaden Prize winner for his hit play The Team - whose work centres new-generation characters navigating their lives in contemporary Canada. His funny, provocative, deeply human plays have been breaking out of Hamilton is brilliant ways and we are proud to feature his work to open our season.

November features the celebrated sketch comedy work of the Tita Collective, Tita Jokes. This team of Filipin* artists have been wowing crowds from coast to coast with their hilarious show that thoughtfully honours and celebrates their identities as Filipinas and stories of the Philippine diaspora in an inclusive and respectful way, uniting community through joy and laughter.


Lastly, we bring in a colossus of Canadian Theatre – MT Space’s The Last 15 Seconds. This play has achieved incredible things for theatre in Canada – multiple National and International tours with top honours at Festivals around the world. This is a rare chance to see the late Lebanese director Majdi Bou-Matar’s flagship production before it ends its magnificent 12 years of performances.


All shows will play at McMaster University’s Robinson Memorial Theatre (in Chester New Hall). Tickets are $20 for adults and $10 for students.

Tickets for the shows can be arranged here:

No Big Deal -

Tita Jokes -  

The Last 15 Seconds -

No Big Deal

Roseneath Theatre | by Michael Kras

Oct 21-22 at 8pm; Oct 23 at 2pm | Robinson Memorial Theatre, Chester New Hall, McMaster University | $20 adults/$10 students





Created/Performed by the Tita Collective

Nov 11-12 at 8pm; Nov 13 at 2pm | Robinson Memorial Theatre, Chester New Hall, McMaster University | $20 adults/$10 students











The Last 15 Seconds

By MT Space Theatre

Nov 18-19 at 8pm, Nov 20 at 2pm | Robinson Memorial Theatre, Chester New Hall, McMaster University | $20 adults/$10 students



Best friends Ariel and Grayson work at a horrible theme park for the summer to save up for college. Their plan is to be roommates and take their first steps into adulthood together. But tensions created by their increasingly different ideas of growing into manhood might be enough to threaten their friendship. Tackling themes of contemporary masculinity, bro culture, and consent, No Big Deal is a complex, funny, and humane new play that’s sure to provoke urgent discussion.

Five women with dark hair and colourful clothing on a backdrop of purple orchids and green palm fronds with an overlay of yellow stripes.

Tita Jokes is a musical comedy revue that centres the Filipin* people in our lives, specifically the female elders we lovingly call Tita. A love letter to our community, it explores our struggles, heartaches and resiliency, and how we cope through humour, storytelling and song. Tita Collective is an all-Filipina collective composed of award-winning playwrights, comedians, musicians, dancers, theatre makers and actors who tell the stories about the Filipinx diaspora. “NNNN – You don’t need to be Filipinx to get all the jokes in this hilarious musical sketch comedy, but … you might wish you were.” – NOW

On a black background, a man in a light brown shirt stands behind a seated woman wearing white, holding her hair to his cheek and closing his eyes.

This project explores terrorism starting with the tragic death of Syrian-American filmmaker Mustapha Akkad and his daughter Rima during a series of co-ordinated attacks in the Jordanian capital Amman in 2005. The work constructs an imagined physical and verbal dialogue between Mustapha Akkad and Rawad Abed, the suicide bomber who carried out the explosion that killed Akkad. The work looks at the imagined lives and memories of both the victim and his killer at the time of the explosion.  

“You must see ‘The Last 15 Seconds’…a pulsating, unforgettable piece of theatre” -Robert Crew, The Toronto Star

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