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PLAY this STREET audio theatre in unexpe
PLAY this CITY audio theatre in unexpected places (7).png
Ottawa Street North
and Hamilton's textile industry
by Anna Chatterton
Dundurn Castle
by Robert Motum 
Untitled design (4).png
Concession Street
and the history of 'Little Africa'
by Klyde Broox 
PLAY this PARK audio theatre in unexpected places (4).png
Jackson Square
by Trevor Copp (Coming Soon)

'PLAY THIS' merges audio theatre, music, and augmented reality to offer a series of playful, site-specific experiences around our city! Each of the three audio tours are geo-located--meaning they're best experienced on location, from a mobile device, and with headphones. 


Try your hand at ghost hunting on the grounds of Dundurn Castle--or look through your phone to find the fairies that hide in the Castle's gardens. On Concession Street, step back in time to learn about the history of early Black settlement on Hamilton Mountain; and jump into an imagined future during Anna Chatterton's piece for Ottawa Street North. 

Each experience is geo-located--meaning they're best experienced live, on location from a mobile device with headphones. 

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