Glowing reviews for AIR at Hamilton Fringe

The reviews are in! And boy, are they good.

Raise the Hammer's Paige Louter writes, "A lot of the fun of Air comes from the huge range of genres Copp explores. From magical realism to slapstick to parody to fable, Copp forces us to reconsider why we call most of these genres "literary"; with few or no words, he creates classical examples of each."

To read the full review on Raise The Hammer, click here. But don't forget the wonderful review on Dart Critics.

Hayley Malouin writes "Copp is attempting to call back a type of physical performance that is lost to mainstream theatre audiences. If that is the case, I hope he succeeds, because I want to see more artists doing work like Air."

Read the full review on Dart Critics here.