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First Dance: Home and Away

September 15, 2014

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First Dance Goes International!

October 19, 2014

After TBT's original ballroom dance/theatre creation 'First Dance' goes up at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre this October, we'll be leaving on a jet plane to take us to....

Albania. Yes, we're going to take Burlington's take on same sex marriage all the way into Eastern Europe. It's programmed as a part of a contemporary dance festival out in Tirana, Albania and we and feeling pretty damn proud of that right about now. 

We're all about making this work - and here's how you can help:

It's all there - the video's short and it'll tell you all about how this particular adventure came about. Please give it a look - and yeah don't worry, there's some dancing in that video too. And there's a couple of you out there who like to see us dance :)


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