September 29, 2014


By Dennis Smith - Special to Burlington Post


"When Trevor Copp and Jeff Fox ballroom danced together and took turns leading, a show was born. “Do you guys realize you have a play there?” asked Lisa O’Connell after seeing their three-minute demonstration. O’Conn...

September 15, 2014


FIRST DANCE is going on tour!


We're kicking things off with a run at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre from October 2nd to 4th and 9th to 11th. Click here to buy your tickets now!


And then, the most ambitious move TBT has ever made. 



July 19, 2014


HAMILTON SPECTATOR: Four more Fringes to take you away


By Gary Smith


Walk on air with Trevor Copp, take an evocative journey with Paula Grove, let playwright Rhada S. Menon whisk you to a revolutionary experience in Cuba, then come home for a musical adventure with St...

June 27, 2014


By Dennis Smith - Special to Burlington Post


Candidates in this fall’s municipal election were urged to slam Burlington’s Cultural Action Plan into a higher gear on Monday night (June 23).


“We rely on art for survival. It’s our life’s blood,” said slam poet Dan Murray...

March 15, 2014


Tottering Biped Theatre is thrilled to be performing at Market Value, a six-day event taking place in the Hamilton Farmer's Market from March 7-15, 2014.


Throughout the six day of Market Value, visitors to the Hamilton Farmer's Market in downtown Hamilton will see art...

February 20, 2014


DONALD's DISH review of First Dance



"Visually stunning, heart-wrenching and erotic…First Dance is an absolute must-see production." 


Click here to read the full article. 


December 31, 2013

The New Year has fumbled into being and, before the rush of next year’s BIGGER BETTER BUMBLIER show announcements come, we want to talk 2013 one more time. Click here for all the juicy details. 

December 9, 2013


By Gary Smith


Psst! Want the skinny on Santa.


Just don't sit on his lap.


And those elves? Definitely naughty, certainly not nice.


These are things you'll learn if you see The Santaland Diaries.


"This is the kind of biting, cynical take you don't get in most holiday...

October 25, 2013

"Sometimes it must seem to the artists that the presenting world is completely foreign and impenetrable. The winner of the Artist of the Year award has been determined to break through that mystery. Seeking understanding, presenters have been questioned about what they...

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