July 5, 2013


By Tina Depko-Denver


"It was a night for the cultural record books.

More than 60 artists representing a variety of genres gathered at the Student Theatre Centre Thursday evening to have their say about what should be included in the Cultural Action Plan.

Event organizer...

July 1, 2013

Tottering Biped Theatre is evolving.  I always say that, but I mean it even more today than usual. We are kicking off bigger projects in a city that’s starting to change its tune and march our way. So far local corporations like DEC Express – our season sponsors – and...

June 20, 2013

For the first time, Burlington Council is considering a proposal to create funding for the Arts in our City.  Cobalt Connects has created a plan that could do us wonders: and it’s time say to Council ‘We <3 Culture’ in this City!  Burlington’s Cultural Action Plan pres...

June 12, 2013

By Trevor Copp, Guest Contributor


"As a bedroom community, we live in a dreamworld.


By that I mean Burlington doesn’t exist on its own terms; it exists because Toronto and Hamilton exist, they fill in our blanks. Many of us sleep here to actually work, play and pa...

September 20, 2012

TBT is teaming up with a number of organizations in Burlington to host Culture Days!  TBT’s role in Culture Days is to co-host the “Procession of the Species” with the Burlington Arts Centre (BAC) – a community-arts based Earth Day celebration that focuses on communit...

June 20, 2012

The Trillium Foundation and the Ontario Arts Council have contributed to the upcoming tour of “First Dance.”  They have given $20,000 toward the tour and developing the show to its final form!


“First Dance” is a play to initiate post-performance dialogue between vulner...

May 11, 2012

Artistic Director Trevor Copp Named Arts Person of the Year in Burlington

Read the full article here.


March 14, 2012

"There’s a fence up in Burlington. On one side are the artists, the environmentalists and the social activists who favour spending money on things that build a community with vitality. I believe in them. On the other side are the fiscal conservatives, the prudent, the...

March 1, 2012

By Trevor Copp, Guest Columnist


"Councillor John Taylor’s statement last week, “Don’t anyone say that I’m opposed to public art” (the Post, Feb. 23) left me dizzied by its paradox and daunted by its audacity. It followed his and Councillor Jack Dennison’s decision to v...

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