September 20, 2013

By Trevor Copp


The online virtual world of ‘Second Life’ stretches thousands of kilometres and millions of visitors.  While searching for her lost sister, Jessica struggles to find out what – and who – are real.  Life and it’s double are at stake in this multi-med...

September 15, 2013

Come see Burlington’s own fringe festival- newly rebooted!  If it can be performed, then odds are it will happen at this 2-day take the building over by storm festival.  TBT will be entering ‘Oh The Humanity’ by Will Eno – author of ‘Thom Pain’ – this year!



September 10, 2013


by Rhiannon Russell


You name it, there’s a pretty good chance Trevor Copp has done it.

The 35-year-old self-described “theatre creator” has a master’s degree in theatre, studied at the Marcel Marceau International School of Mime, won awards as a ballroom dancer, taught...

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