PLAY this STREET audio theatre in unexpe
PLAY this HAMILTON audio theatre in unex
Ottawa Street North
by Anna Chatterton
Concession Street
by Klyde Broox (Coming Soon)
PLAY this CITY audio theatre in unexpected places (7).png
Dundurn Castle
by Robert Motum (Coming Soon)
PLAY this PARK audio theatre in unexpected places (4).png
Jackson Square
by Trevor Copp (Coming Soon)
Part tour, part play, part scavenger hunt, PLAY THIS is an invitation to explore Hamilton through a series of site-specific audio dramas. Each iteration is found in a collision of storytelling, history, place, and immersive theatre. PLAY THIS isn’t a traditional audio guide or podcast. While listening to the experience, audience members might be asked to phone a stranger, write a poem, take a picture of their environment, or visit a website. It’s an invitation to PLAY, and an invitation to experience our city anew! PLAY THIS experiences are perfect for a solo excursion, or for the whole family 'bubble'.
PLAY THIS: Ottawa Street North is now available for streaming for FREE  from our website. Stay tuned for three other PLAY THIS experiences coming this summer!